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Welcome to CMTS Service Center, your trusted light to heavy-duty diesel truck repair shop in Charlton, MA. With over three decades of experience in the diesel truck repair industry, we have established ourselves as a reliable and reputable provider of truck and fleet services. Our top-rated diesel mechanic team have the experience & expertise to get your truck moving smoothly again. For the #1 truck repair shop in Charlton, MA, call CMTS today!

Our Diesel Mechanic Services

C. M. T. S. Service Center proudly provides light to heavy-duty diesel truck, RV, trailer, bus & fleet services from our full-service truck repair shop in Charlton, MA. From comprehensive DOT inspections, to preventive maintenance and complex welding & fabrications services, the diesel mechanics at CMTS have your covered! Get in touch today to schedule service!

Bus repair mechanic in Charlton, MA

Bus Repair

Whether you need our specialties in preventive maintenance, repairs, or diagnostic services, our skilled mechanics are here to ensure your bus stays on the road and performs at its best. 
Diesel mechanic performing DOT Inspection on truck in Charlton, MA

DOT Inspection

Our team of experienced technicians is here to ensure your trucks meet all the necessary requirements to pass the inspection. 
Mechanic provides general diesel truck services in Charlton, MA

General Diesel Truck Repair

Our dedicated team is committed to providing excellent service and keeping your heavy-duty vehicles on the road running smoothly.
Mechanic provides preventive maintenance in Charlton, MA

Preventive Maintenance

With our commitment to quality and expertise in the field, we aim to keep your vehicles in optimal condition, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing unexpected breakdowns.
Diesel mechanic performing RV repairs in Charlton, MA

RV Repair

At C. M. T. S., we offer a comprehensive RV service and are proud to say that we are the only repair shop in the Charlton, MA, area to offer this service.
Trailer repair in Charlton, MA

Trailer Repair

Are you in need of professional trailer service and repair? Look no further than C. M. T. S., the leading heavy-duty diesel repair shop in Charlton, MA!
Man is welding in Charlton, MA

Welding & Fabrication

When it comes to heavy-duty diesel repairs, sometimes standard services aren't enough to get your vehicle back on the road. That's where welding and fabrication services come in.

Our Light to Heavy-Duty Truck Repair Services

Our team of experienced diesel mechanics at C. M. T. S. Service Center have the experience and expertise to get your truck or commercial fleet fixed the right way. With 5 service bays and over 30 years of mechanic experience, schedule service at the best truck repair shop in Charlton, MA & your truck will be up and running again in no time. Call CMTS today!


Read on to find out why proper trailer alignment is important and how to spot if you need your trailers aligned. 

Axle Repair

When it comes to heavy-duty vehicles, the axle is the backbone that keeps your wheels rolling smoothly on the road.

Brake Repair

Here, you can find out everything you need to know about how drum brakes work, signs of failure, and how to get yours repaired by our team.

Coolant System Repair

Here we discuss how your heavy-duty truck's coolant system works, why your truck is overheating, and how to spot if your coolant system needs immediate attention.

Diagnostics & Electrical Repair

With years of expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure that your truck's electrical systems are diagnosed accurately and repaired efficiently. 

Driveline Repair

Read on to find out all the different components of a driveline, warning signs of failure, and how to get yours repaired from our team at C. M. T. S.! 


Understanding how these work, the maintenance they require, and signs of failure can help keep you on the right side of regulations and avoid expensive penalties.

Exhaust System Repair

Proper exhaust maintenance is key not just for the health, performance, and longevity of your truck but also for the safety of the truck's driver and fellow road users. 

HVAC System Repair

There's nothing worse than a long journey in a stuffy cabin. That's why keeping on top of HVAC maintenance and knowing when yours is in need of immediate attention is key to a comfortable and productive journey. 

Oil & Fluid

From routine oil changes to complex fluid system repairs, we've got you covered. Trust us for reliable heavy-duty oil and fluid repairs in Charlton, MA.

Suspension Repair

At C. M. T. S. in Charlton, MA, we specialize in heavy-duty suspension repairs to keep your trucks running smoothly on the road.

Tire Repair

From preventive maintenance to complete repairs, trust us to handle all your heavy-duty tire repair needs with expertise and efficiency.

Transmission & Clutch Repair

Experience reliable heavy-duty transmission and clutch repairs in Charlton, MA. Our expert mechanics are able to service trucks of all makes and models, ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance.

Customer Reviews

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"Had some truck troubles so pulled in off the Pike...They Diagnosed my problem, were kind enough to take the time to get me back on my route. Very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Thank you guys I'd give them 6 stars if I could!"
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Andrew Lewis

"This is my go to place for repairs. Very hard working talented group here that can fix just about anything. Been dealing with them for many years now and I can always count on excellent and friendly service here. They also do some fantastic historical record keeping to keep you up date with exactly what’s going on with your equipment."
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jbgearhead, Local Guide

"Excellent service and very friendly place to get my RV serviced."
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Morio Kubota

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